I didn't grow up sewing. In fact, when I bought my first sewing machine back in 2009, I thought I was going to use it to take in tshirts and had no idea what else I could use it for. It pretty much sat unused, with brief bursts of activity, until I decided to finish a quilt kit I bought during a Hancock store closing. After that, I was off! Since then, I've discovered a love of quilting, garment making, bag creation, and more! When the COVID pandemic started, I saw that many of the non-medical masks available for the general public were made of polyester, had elastic ear straps that I found uncomfortable, and were made with generic patterns that bored me. I set out to create comfortable, cute, and washable masks for my family and friends, and my Etsy shop was born!


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“Super cute and comfortable. Well worth the price”

— Etsy Review
"These are wonderful...they are the prettiest and most comfortable I've found!"

- Customer Comment on a repeat mask purchase
“Love it. Comfortable and good excellent quality!”

— Etsy Review


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